Star maa bigg boss telugu vote count season 4

Star maa bigg boss telugu vote count season 4

The show airs only on Star Maa Television on weekdays at 9. Hosted by King Akkineni Nagarjunathe show features 16 contestants inside a house involving various tasks and eliminations based on the voting process like the previous seasons.

Viewers can cast votes to save their favorite contestants. On World Television, Bigg Boss is one of the most viewed popular shows. Endemol in the Netherlands had first developed this game show. Bigg Boss is the Indian version of the international series Big Brother. Viewers can save their favourite Bigg Boss contestant by casting their votes online. So people can also vote online through Hotstar app. The 2nd season of Bigg Boss Telugu invited common peoples for the first time into the decorative house and it is expected same for the upcoming season.

In Bigg Boss show, the housemates nominate a participant at the beginning of the week for the eviction process. The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 promises to be even more entertaining and exciting than the previous seasons. The Contestants who fail in convincing the audience may eliminate from the show. You can vote for your favorite contestant by giving a missed call to the number that is mentioned below.

In the Hotstar website or application, you will see the Vote button below the latest video when the Bigg Boss Telugu show is being telecasted.

The Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Result of the elimination process will be announced during the weekend of the show by the host Nagarjuna Akkineni. The result announcement is directly told to the Bigg Boss contestants by the host through the video, fondly called as Mana TV by the Nagarjuna. After the result has been announced, the person who receives lesser votes will be sent out. In the final week of Bigg Boss, the channel Star Maa Television will display the live vote count of individual contestants.

The Bigg Boss Telugu vote counts will be clearly shown in intervals in Star Maa channel at the bottom of the screen.

star maa bigg boss telugu vote count season 4

The result announcement is directly told to the Bigg Boss contestants by the host through the video. After the result has been announced, the person who receives lesser votes have to come out of the decorative house.

He has been loved by the audience as a host and announced the winner on the basis of the votes the contestant received in the grand finale of the Season 1.The show begin in Star Maa TV with 16 celebrity contestants from various categories.

Akkineni Nagarjuna replaced Nani as the host for the new season. Bigg Boss Telugu Voting poll for season 4 will be conducted each week to eliminate one contestant from the show.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Count | Season 4 | Eliminations

The voting for Bigg Boss Telugu 4 to be conducted each week and one contestant going to eliminated from the show in a weekend based on the Voting mechanism. The total number of 16 contestants going to stay for days. For eviction, Every housemate should nominate two other co-participants. The person who received most number of vote from housemates will be nominate for public poll. Check out below for more details regarding voting process. Also follow Star Maa Bigg boss telugu vote 4 missed call numbers to cast you voting.

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The poll will be live from Monday evening to Friday midnight and viewers can cast vote for their favourite contestant from online or Missed call. Here is the full steps for telugu big boss online voting: For cast vote for favourite contestant online, First you need to login from your gmail account.

By clicking on Vote now button you can see the list of nominees for the week. Select your favourite contestant and cast your vote. One person can vote maximum of 50 votes per day from a registered email or mobile number through Hotstar App.

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Now in the search page, you can see list of nominated contestant. Click your favourite contestant and move voting bar to make total number of votes. For a day from one email address, You can cast maximum of 50 votes.

Viewers can able to split the vote as per convenience in that 50 numbers.

Star Maa Bigg Boss 4 Vote Result Season 4 (2020)

Viewers can not able to register vote on weekends Saturday and Sunday. Check out below for full list of Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants for season 4 Find all celebrity name, profession and contest status details. The final list of contestants for season 2 telugu bigg boss includes star celebrities and some commoners.

With list of 15 members inside the isolated house, the next days going to have more fun and entertainment for both participants and audience. Based on Star Maa bigg boss vote percentage each week 1 contestant will be evicted from the house.

Below are the complete biography and wiki details about each and every single participants for season 4. Some new contestants expected to join the house during later month of the show. Monal Gajjari is a known actress in Tollywood who made her debut in Sudigadu along with actor Allari Naresh in Working in a private bank and turned out as a model to pursue her career, Monal has crowned Mirchi Queen Bee beauty pageant in She has also participated in various Modeling content and featured in various movies.

Known as a choreographer, director, and actor, Amma Rajasekhar has worked in plenty of films in Telugu.Here is complete details about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote steps and method. The online poll for Contestants has begin and viewers can cast their vote for favorite Eviction contestant. As per big boss rules, Every week three contestant will be nominate for Public voting. They going to stay for days and team will monitor them with 60 camera around full house. Every week, Housemates will nominate three to five of other participant for eviction, From that the housemate who receives most number of nomination will have to go for public poll.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting — Week 5. Disclaimer: The above vote poll of bigg boss is conducted by Telugu Biggboss. To vote officially for your favorite contestant, check out the steps below.

Guys, you can simply vote for your favorite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu through missed call technique. This method is also one of the easy method to place your vote in Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4 voting Polls. The missed call voting also opened to register your vote for favorite contestant.

BIGG BOSS 4 34 thDAY FULL VIDEO TROLL-BIGGBOSS 4 TELUGU TROLLS 2020-sound horn please-biggbosstrolls

To vote for your favorite big boss contestant, just type give missed to below mentioned mobile number. On Day 27, Swathi Deekshith was evicted from the house after facing the public vote. On Day 21, Devi Nagavalli was evicted from the house after facing the public vote. On Day 13, Karate Kalyani was evicted from the house after facing the public vote. Viewers can vote for eviction participant by two methods, Online poll and by giving missed call.

Since the challenger who fail in awing the audience may eliminate from the show. Every Week vote results are declared by the host throughout the weekend episodes. All the sixteen contestants can enter the Bigg Boss house on the first day itself. Each week one amongst the contestants can face eviction.

The audience poll can decide the result. None of the contestants has the permission to sleep during the daytime or once the alarm rings.

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The contestants ar assigned a selected task, and that they need to perform their duties consequently. In no circumstances, the participants cannot use mobile phones, watch tv, read newspaper, etc. The Bigg Boss team have put some rules and regulations to register your vote. To register your vote you must follow these rules and regulations. The rules are as follows.If you are searching Bigg Boss Telugu Vote procedure, you are in the right place.

Bookmark this site and stay updated. As you know, you have to vote to save any contestant.

star maa bigg boss telugu vote count season 4

So Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting process is same for this year as well. Keep reading to know how to vote Bigg Boss contestants to save them from elimination.

After so much anticipation, it is officially announced that Season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu is going to be started in August. But the makers have decided to go ahead and conduct the show with the at-most precautions.

The makers first decided to cancel the show this year, but due to demand and requests from the audience, they decided to take risks and continue Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Show. Nagarjuna is going to host the show for the second time after Bigg Boss 3. Last year the show was started on 21st July and ended on 3rd November But this year the show will star in August and lasts only one and a half months due to the Corona crisis.

Hotstar has joined as a streaming partner as well as the official voting medium of Bigg Boss Show. The house is equipped with 64 cameras covering each and every corner. In Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 we have seen 17 contestants with the most number of days any season has premiered. Bigg Boss show is already a big hit in different languages.

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Telugu People are also very interested in watching the program. Bigg Boss Telugu Show Details. This is the most asked question on the internet now. Now you can vote your favorite contestant directly from Hotstar App. Hotstar is also the streaming partner for the Bigg Boss show. You can only vote 10 votes per day and overall 50 Bigg Boss Telugu votes per week through Hotstar voting and 50 votes through Missed call voting with a single account or a single number.

This is the process to vote for your favorite contestant using the Hotstar app. Remember you need to sign up on the app using your mobile number or email to cast your votes. You can also check other Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Voting methods below if you are finding it difficult to vote from the Hotstar app. This was the most awaited option for the Bigg Boss fans and it was available now. Here is the process in brief on how to vote your star on Google. Missed call voting also opened to register your vote for the favorite contestants.

Do not forget this method. This method does not cost you anything. Advertise Here. Bigg Boss Telugu Voting poll loads below. Please wait while it is loading. For the official Bigg boss Telugu 4 vote results today live score, we have to wait till Nagarjuna announces on the Bigg Boss stage. Gangavve Left Bigg Boss House due to health issues.

Share the Poll with friends. Bigg Boss Telugu Voting results are here for the viewers to vote for their favorite contestants. Click on your favorite contestant whom you want to save from the eliminations.

Be sure that this voting poll is unofficial.The Audience is given the right to choose who should be eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu show every week, the contestants with the higher vote percentage gets saved and the Contestant with the least Bigg Boss Telugu Votes will be eliminated.

The audience has 10 votes each day and is allowed to choose multiple contestants while voting. Bigg Boss Telugu vote can be cast either through the Hotstar app or through missed call.

You can also find many websites like us who are running public opinion to know the pulse of the Bigg Boss Telugu audience as the voting results are open on such websites. Bigg Boss 4 Telugu vote is open from Monday PM to Friday midnight, weekend is left for Nagarjuna to announce the saved contestants and eliminated contestant. The results of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote may be a shocker in some cases when totally unexpected contestants may be eliminated because of the least Bigg Boss Telugu votes.

Check out the Bigg Boss Telugu vote poll run on our website too to know the general opinion about the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 contestants. Bigg Boss Telugu vote season 4 is an online voting process open for the public to decide who to eliminate from Bigg Boss house.

Coming soon to Europe!

This online voting for Bigg Boss 4 Telugu happens every week. The Bigg boss fans have 10 votes each day which they can split among the nominated contestants. As you know Voting happens from Monday to Friday, the results must have been decided by Saturday itself, but Nagarjuna will reveal the final results only by Sunday.

The contestant with the least vote will be eliminated from the bigg boss house. The Bigg Boss Telugu vote results are purely dependent on the audience votesthere is not managemental decision involved in this. Wait for Nagarjuna to announce the bigg boss Telugu vote results this week. Everyone was eager about this show as there was a lot of buzz around it, people were very much interested in how the Telugu audience will accept the whole concept of Bigg Boss.

But it turned out to be a huge hit. When a big star like Jr NTR is involved, there is an obvious hype around it.

Junior NTR really did a good job and entertained the audience.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 2020 | Season 4 | Contestants List | Star Maa

Hosting is completely new for him but everyone ended up liking him and missed him in the upcoming seasons. Bigg Boss Telugu vote 1 used to be in Google rather than inside the Hotstar app.

Now in Season 4 bigg boss telugu voting happens inside Hotstar App and also via missed call. Nani was the host for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. This season is even more successful than season 1 in terms of TRP ratings. He had a huge fan following fondly called as Kaushal Army, they used to trend him every week on twitter and made sure Kaushal escapes the danger zone whenever he was in the nominated list.

Bigg Boss Season 2 online Telugu voting also happened in Google and via missed call. The Telugu voting count was high during this season especially because of the fans of Kaushal. There was even criticism about Nani on Twitter by the Kaushal Army.

The audience used to wait eagerly every Sunday to know the Bigg Boss Telugu vote results.Bigg Boss Telugu is the biggest reality show which was originally based on the Dutch Big Brother show. After three successful seasons, Bigg Boss is back with yet another season. Yes, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 has started on September 6 despite all the troubles that the organizers have faced due to the Corona Virus.

Bigg Boss Show also streams on the Hotstar app. Akkineni Nagarjuna is hosting the show for yet another season. Many of you want to know how to vote for your favorite Bigg Boss Telugu contestants.

But now it is discontinued and the Hotstar Voting method is introduced. Earlier, you can vote from google but now the voting procedure has changed. Now, bb4 telugu Google search voting has been removed and Hotstar Voting is introduced in the Hotstar App.

star maa bigg boss telugu vote count season 4

Now you can not just watch the show on Hotstar, but you can also vote the contestants who are in nominations and save them from elimination. One can cast their vote by giving a Missed call to the number which is allocated to the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Contestants.

Open your dial pad. Type the number of the contestant whom you want to save from the eviction from that particular week. Dial it and give a missed call. Your vote has been successfully submitted. This Missed call voting method is best suitable if you do not have an internet connection. Swathi Deekshith eliminated in the fourth week. Please wait for the Big Boss 4 Telugu nominations of the fifth week before we upload the voting poll.

Please bookmark this page and come back. Below is the expected nomination poll. Best Mask for Corona Virus. Surya Kiran eliminated in the first week. She was one of the contestant who is nominated out of 9 contestants. She stood last in the voting polls and she is evicted from the house because of the least votes.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 3 Voting poll ended. Mehaboob got the least votes in our poll, but Devi Nagavalli eliminated this week. Do you know that Surya Kiran is the ex-husband of Actress Kalyani? He is also the brother of Sujatha who is very well known for her serials. To Vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants, download the Hotstar app or give missed call to the nominated participants allotted numbers. Download the app and register your account with your email or phone number.

Click on it and register your vote. You can not vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants on google now. This method was discontinued from season 3. Now you can vote your favorite participant using the Hotstar app.Save your favourite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 by voting in the nomination poll given by Bigg Boss. Here you will get regular weekly Bigg Boss Telugu Nomination list and voting poll.

To vote for your favourite contestantLog in to Hotstar app and give your vote. Read the full process here. You can also vote for your favourite contestant by giving a missed call to the following number:.

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Read the voting process here. Please note that this poll is conducted by BiggBossVote. This poll is just for knowing public opinion. The previous season 3 was hosted by none other than Akkineni Nagarjuna and the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 was the crowd favourite — Rahul Sipligunj. In the previous voting poll result of Bigg Boss Season, we saw that Rahul Sipligunj had the maximum amount of votes thus he was declared as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 3.

This is why the participation of the Bigg Boss Telugu audience in the voting process is really important for all the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu. If the contestant is not loved by the audience, chances are less that he would even survive in the Bigg Boss Telugu house.

If you want to make your favourite contestant the winner of Bigg Boss, then you must show your active participation in the Bigg Boss Voting polls. You must also urge your other friends and family to vote for your favourite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. There are also elimination polls of Bigg Boss Telugu. If a contestant is nominated for the elimination in a particular week, then it will surely get eliminated from the house if he gets less amount of votes as compared to other nominated contestants of that particular week.

You can watch Bigg Boss Hindi also live on Colors. The first-ever season of Bigg Boss Telugu was hosted by superstar Jr. Let me tell you that Aadarsh Balakrishna was the runner-up for this season. That means Aadarsh got fewer votes as compared to Siva Balaji in the grand finale winner voting poll. The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 lasted very long for about days. This is known to be one of the longest reality tv shows in India. The process mentioned here:.

As per the current voting poll results — Gangavva, Abhijeet and Lasya are the ones getting the maximum votes. The elimination of contestants is totally dependent on the audience. If the majority of the audience votes for a particular contestant, then that contestant will be safe from elimination and the other contestant with fewer votes will get eliminated. You can see the voting poll result of this week above. The winner of Bigg Boss 4 is yet to be announced, we will update this section when the winner is announced.

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The winner of Bigg boss Telugu season 3 was Rahul Sipligunj. He got the maximum number of votes in Bigg boss grand finale voting. If the contestant is more popular, then he will be paid higher than the ones who are less popular.

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