Cavapoo breeders nova scotia

Cavapoo breeders nova scotia

Please read Boys vs Girls before deciding on a puppy!!!

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If considering a cavalier puppy please check out the "Links" page as there is alot of info there that should be of interest to you. Please note The waitlist is closed at this time Closed for Thanks for your interest in my cavaliers!

Check Upcoming Litters Page for Updates Definitely well fed Lila lives with Joanne Baxter of Nova Scotia. Fauci lives with Corey Slumkoski of Nova Scotia.

cavapoo breeders nova scotia

Ruby girl is staying here with us We named her Penny. Puppies at 7 weeks old Ruby girl on left Fauci Blenheim boy Charlie Blenheim girls More puppy pics at 7 weeks old Puppies at 4 weeks old The rubies are quite similar but the ruby boy has the white on his little back feet plus the ruby boy shows the tiny white spot on top of his head more.

The ruby girl is smaller in size as well. The blenheim boy has the most red on him with the perfect lozenge spot. ENJOY all the pics. The blenheim boy has the most red on him with the perfect lozenge spot on top of his head.

The other two blenheims are the girls. The rubies are quite similar but the ruby boy has the white on his little back feet. See how those little feet and noses are so pink and those little rubber looking earsBest Cavapoos provides family-raised Cavapoos of outstanding health, temperament and looks to well-matched families. We never ship puppies, but we will hand deliver them to appropriate families. Best Cavapoos works with a network of family breeders whose Cavapoos are pets first and foremost.

Nathan Crockett, the founder of Crockett Doodles has specialized for years in GoldendoodlesLabradoodlesand Springerdoodles. Since then, Crockett Doodles has expanded to a few other family friends, buying them gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Cavapoos--which are pets first and foremost.

cavapoo breeders nova scotia

The outstanding reputation that Crockett Doodles has developed over the past many years for Goldendoodles and Labradoodles has continued with top notch Cavapoos. We have occasional F1b litters primarily for those with severe allergies, who want to be sure that their Cavapoo puppy has a non-shedding poodle coat.

Multigenerational Cavapoos: Multigenerational Cavapoos multigens for short are Cavapoo puppies where both the mother and the father are Cavapoos. You can breed to F1 Cavapoos to each other non-related 0f course and get Multigen Cavapoo pups, sometimes referred to as F2 Cavapoos.

Or you can breed two F1b Cavapoos to each other and get F2b Cavapoo puppies. Cavapoos are wonderful with children; they seldom meet a stranger, and Cavapoos love being with people.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are famously little lap dogs in past history, often for royalty. That personality often comes over into the Cavapoo. They are some of the most calm of all doodle varieties. They seldom bark, and they love to cuddle. They often look a lot like their better known cousins, the Cockapoo.

Cavapoos are usually smaller than Cockapoos. A typical Cavapoo is often pounds; many Cockapoos are pounds. Cockapoos make better watch dogs as they often have a fairly big bark sometimes it's much larger than their body.

Cavapoos tend to be quiet. Some Cavapoo owners aren't even sure if their Cavapoo knows how to bark. Cockapoos come in a greater variety of colors. Cockapoos come in almost every color of the rainbow. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are wonderful dogs.

Why would anyone breed one with a mini Poodle? Cavapoos are smarter. Poodles are known for incredible intelligence. Cavapoos tend to be smarter and easier to train than Cavaliers.

Cavapoos are hypoallergenic. Because poodles have a nonshedding coat, there's a very good chance that a Cavapoo won't shed or will shed minimally. The curlier the Cavapoo's coat, the less likely to shed. Cavapoos are healthier. Typically a hybrid dog is much healthier than a purebred, because of hybrid vigor.

One of the biggest drawbacks to purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is that they are prone to several health issues. In general most Cavapoo owners have found that their hybrid Cavapoo far outlives their purebred Cavalier. Our Blenheim Cavapoos are perhaps our best know, so we've pictures several of them above.

Blenheim Cavapoos have a white base with apricot or red markings.The Cavapoo is a mixed dog breed. They are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle that became popular in Australia during the late s. Both of the breeds that make up a Cavapoo are outgoing, loving, and playful. But, they do make fantastic family companions as they make great playmates for children who are past the toddler stage and get along well with other pets.

Although small, Cavapoos are relatively sturdy, but can be hurt by rough play, so any playtime with younger children should be supervised. Their sweet, gentle nature makes them a great companion breed. They also make great therapy dogs!

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Due to their smaller size and moderate energy level, the Cavapoo is a good fit for apartment living and can adapt to larger homes as well. This dog breed is very much a companion breed that is meant to stay with you indoors. Cavapoos are generally a healthy dog breed, but can be susceptible to health issues common in both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and in Poodles, like Mitral Valve Disease, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation.

The best way to determine potential health issues and to allay any health concerns is to check with the breeder about the genetic history of the parents and ask to see any results from specific health tests. A Cavapoo has the potential to be highly trainable. They are smart and learn quickly, but they do have a mind of their own. So, they may be more interested in cuddling or sitting on your lap than listening to basic commands. They might change their mind and find the command or trick worth performing if there is a treat involved.

Early socialization and training will help a Cavapoo puppy grow into a well-adjusted dog.

Cavapoo Puppies for Sale

Due to their short attention spans, especially as puppies, consistency in training is imperative. Cavapoos also tend to be sensitive, which means they respond best to positive reinforcement techniques like play, food rewards, and praise.

Because they are sensitive souls, harsh or sharp tones can sometimes send a Cavapoo into a sulk or a pout. Common coat colors are red, white, black, red and white, and tricolor. They are also prone to ear infections, so you will want to check their ears regularly and keep them clean and dry.You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right.

You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab. Link to read me page with more information.

cavapoo breeders nova scotia

Cavapoos, in addition to their absolutely stunning coat color, inherit the brightness and trainability of the Poodle and the loving nature of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, making the Cavapoo a very hypo-allergenic, trainable small dog. In addition to their absolutely stunning coat colors, the Cavapoo brings the brightness and trainability of the Poodle think show dog Poodles please!


I've had many clients over the years who are looking for a hypoallergenic, non-shed puppy. Human allergy sufferers, whether they be allergic to dogs or not, need a hypoallergenic puppy, a Cavapoo is often a great solution to that doggie dilemma! Make great second dogs if you already have a canine or a cat! Exceptionally hypoallergenic and non-shed.

I get asked to compare the Cavapoo with the Cavachon a lot and my honest answer has to be that I probably prefer the Cavachon a tiny bit over the Cavapoo. I love both of these fluffy breeds, of course, they each have so much charm and indeed either are wonderful choices for just about any situation.

The Cavapoo, like the Poodle, can have a tendency to be noisy which is why early training is so vital. You'll need to keep a firm hand with your Cavapoo puppy to help her understand that good dogs are quiet dogs. I even wrote a puppy eCourse and Cavapoo training book to help guide the way :.

Cavapoo Cavachons are somewhat more laid-back which I love. Both are athletic and sporty and fun but Cavachons can also dial down the energy and make great couch potato when needed. The Cavapoo is a wonderfully entertaining and fun little dog, just be prepared for a bit of extra work on your part temporarily, especially in puppyhood.

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Some Cavapoo puppies tip the scale on the more sedate side of things canine. Temperament can vary from litter to litter, from puppy to puppy, but most end up making delightful and intuitive family dogs who their owners adore! Actually, sometimes the Cavapoo is larger, sometimes the Cavachon tips the scale and ends up the bigger dog.

On average I'd say our Cavachons range from 8 to 11 pounds for the smaller Toys and 12 to 16 pounds or so for the larger Toy or small Standard size. Occasionally I see Cavachons that will range 18 to 25 pounds, not too often but once in awhile. Don't let size alone be the deciding factor. On average, the Cavapoo puppy will mature to between 10 and 15 pounds.

If you want a slightly larger size adult, occasionally we have a litter of Cavapoo puppies who will get a bit larger, up to about 16 pounds to 18 or 20 pounds.

Though small in stature, they are still hardy and enjoy busy family life from the beach to the mountains, they are adaptable and fit beautifully in any number of situations. I'd have to say that there are only slight differences between the Cavapoo and the Cavachon in regards to temperament.

They are both very people oriented, and are born with the makings of superb family pets.

Cavapoochon Puppies

The Cavapoo is probably a bit more energetic as a puppy than the Cavachon, and that can vary a bit from litter to litter, but in general, Cavapoos have the spirited happy demeanor of the Poodle, especially as babies. They quickly grow into a dog that enjoys both time on the couch or a walk round the block to try out that Fitbit!

Very outgoing and yet devoted, they are great dogs to consider for service dog candidates.In addition to our Cavapoo and Cavapoochon puppies on this website, we also recommend Cavachons by Design founded by Yvonne Hanna. To view the Cavachon puppies available for adoption click below. We know it's important for you to adopt an outstanding puppy that as an adult, will stand out from the rest in beauty, health, and pedigree!

When it comes to breeding sound and healthy Cavapoo puppies, we make no compromises. There are many Cavapoo puppies for sale out there, many Cavapoo breeders but non that compare in beauty, quality and pedigree! When you adopt one of our beautiful Cavapoo or Cavapoochon puppies, you are adopting from a breeder who looks forward to a relationship with you for many years to come. We want you to always feel comfortable approaching us with any questions you might have during the adoption process and beyond.

It is our goal to make this the best experience you could have when it comes to puppy adoption! We look forward to speaking with you! Facebook Parents Shipping Testimonials. Hi, I'm Tobbie! Hi, I'm Riley! Hi, I'm Annie! Hi, I'm Theo! Hi, I'm Maxwell! Cavachons By Design. Pawsitively Exclusive Cavapoochon Puppies. Click for More Details! Pawsitively Exclusive Cavapoo Puppies. Click for more info!Southeast Cavapoos Website. Bio : We are a family breeder and only breed our family Pets!

Puppys N Love Website. Bio : We are more than just a breeder of Purebred and Designer puppies. Our relationship with you continues well beyond the day your puppy comes home. We are puppy lovers ourselves and we wish nothing but the best for you and your new puppy.

Petit Jean Puppies Website. Bio : First litter was born indachshunds—and love them still! But after years of allergies, my main focus is non-shedding, fluffy teddy bear breeds.

BEST Cavapoos

I have always owned a poodle. Poodles are the basis of all my designer puppies. They have superior non-shed coats that are irresistible to the touch and they are incredibly intelligent! I prefer the miniature and moyen poodles over the toy poodles personalities. Delightful Puppies Website. When you get your little baby and find he wants to be held and cuddled and loved, you can blame me, I cannot resist holding the little fur balls.

Golden Heart Doodles Website. Bio : There are many wonderful canine hybrids. We concentrate on the Cavapoo and the Cavapoochon. We breed on a very small scale, and puppies are born in a home, raised in a home, and socialization is of the utmost importance to send off a well-balanced, loving pet. This does NOT mean that an 8 or week old puppy will be housebroken; nor will it be a trained dog.

It will be a baby and will need the love and training that its new family will provide. Bio : I am a small breeder in Calif. Littlefoot Farm Website.

Phone : Schedule a call.Cavapoo Puppies for sale Local Cavapoo breeders.

cavapoo breeders nova scotia

We give our babies lots of love, attention and exercise. If your family needs a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog we can help! All of our dogs have passed extensive veterinary, genetic, and personality testing in order to provide great healthy, happy pets for our clients. All of our puppies go home with a substantial 2 year health guarantee, all up-to-date vaccinations and dewormings, puppy kit including training techniques and tips, microchipping and spay or neuter if appropriate.

All my puppies come with a 48 hour vet check once you pick up puppy. All puppies have at least, 3 sets shots and 5 worming before leaving my home at 8 weeks old. I do ship by air and ground. Puppies and Dogs come with 1 year health guarantee, 2 years if keep on Nuvet vitamins once they leaves my home. Once you get your puppy I am here for you if you have questions later on feel free to call me.

All our puppies are up to date with shots and dewormings and go to their forever home with a puppy care packet. Puppies are well socialized with children and are from excellent parents.

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We offer a health guarantee. I also have done dog show judging. All our puppies come with multiple vaccinations, dewormings, and several preventative treatments. A written 1yr. We offer FREE neutering of males. FREE micro chipping. Our vet is here every week to health check puppies.

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We concentrate on raising healthy, socialized puppies in a home environment. We have a good working relationship with two different veterinarians to ensure our puppies receive the care and nutrition they need. We are inspected twice yearly by our veterinarian, Our adult dogs are seen yearly by the vet, health checked, including dentals and vaccinations as needed.

We offer a warranty on our puppies and have just started shipping if needed. Our puppies stay with us till they are 9 to 10 weeks old to give them a good start. They are wormed every 2 weeks and will have vaccinations appropriate for age before they leave for their forever home.

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